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AFLoNext at 3AF Conference

Events   11th April, 2017

The 52nd 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics was hosted by the Ecole Centrale de Lyon, on 27-29 March 2017.
The conference focused on recent achievements in flow-control techniques aiming at the development of greener vehicles, more comfortable means of transportation, environmental “friendliness” and sustainability.

105 participants from 12 countries attended the conference. AFLoNext was represented by 8 team members.

Some of the members of the AFLoNext team present at the 3AF conference.

Overall, 60 presentations were displayed. In particular, 5 were given by the AFloNext representatives:

  • Towards the industrial application of active flow control in aerospace (M. Meyer, Airbus)

M. Meyer (Airbus) giving presentation at the 3AF conference.

J.-P. Rosenblum (Dassault Aviation) giving presentation at the 3AF conference.

Most presentations are already available on our website. All proceedings are now  downloadable from the 3AF website.

Participants of the 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics, March 2017.


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