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AFLoNext at JEC World 2017 and 3AF Conference

Events   14th March, 2017

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with us!
It’s still time to visit the Coexpair booth at JEC World 2017 that is currently being held in Paris. Coexpair is presenting there the NLG door realised in the framework of AFLoNext.

Besides, AfloNext will be represented during the upcoming 3AF Conference in Lyon through the participation of F. Sartor (ONERA) and P. Vrochta (VZLU) both presenting papers. Moreover, M. Meyer (Airbus), C. Atkin (City University) and A. Seifert (Tel Aviv University) will respectively chair the:

  • Keynote Conference No 4 “Towards the industrial application of active flow control in aerospace”;
  • Session No 3a “Transition control”;
  • Keynote Conference No 5 “The use of steady suction and pulsed blowing for efficient boundary layer separation control”.

Next rendez-vous for AfloNExt team will be the ICMAE 2017 on 22-25 July in Prague, Czech Republic.

For more information, you can also download our usual “Get Together” file where the most relevant events in the AFLoNext fields are listed.