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Publications released by the AFLoNext partners

Publications & presentations   6th May, 2015

Over the last months, 6 publications have been generated. 
As such, they contribute to  the fundamental State of the Art of each Technology Stream. The publications are available hereunder and displayed in the bibliography section.

D. Dolgopyat , and A. Seifert; “ Conventional Airfoil Active Flow Control “Virtual” Maneuvering System"; IACAS 2015-04-27

D. Sarkorov ,  A. Seifert,  I. Detenis, S. Bauminger, and M.  Steinbuch;“ Active Flow Control and Part Span Slat Interactions”, IACAS2015

S. Fricke, V. Ciobaca, J. Wild and D. Norman;” Numerical Studies of Active Flow Control applied at the Engine-Wing Junction”, FOR1066 Symposium

Dirk M. Franke and Jochen Wild;” Aerodynamic Design of a Folded Krueger Device for a HLFC Wing”; STAB symposium 2014

M. Bauer, A. Büscher, and  M. Pott-Pollenske; “ AFLoNext –A European Contribution to Airframe Noise Control” ; INTERNOISE 2014

M.Meyer, M. Lengers, H. Bieler, S. Fricke, J. Wild, and D. Norman; “  Designing and Testing Active Flow Control Systems at the Junction of Ultra-High Bypass Ratio Engines and the Wing”; WCCM ECCMEFCD 2014