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Feedback from ILA Berlin 2018

Events   28th May, 2018

The AFLoNext partners organised the final conference of the project at ILA Berlin on 26-27 April 2018.

The AFLoNext project held its final conference on 26-27 April 2018. The conference was organised in collaboration with ILA Berlin 2018 at the premises of the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport.

The primary aim of this event was to present the latest results of the project and to offer the AFLoNext partners a forum to engage with fellow delegates, to encourage discussions and open exchange of information.

The event proved to be a good opportunity for the participants to obtain an overview of the recent achievements on the research and innovation scene, with 12 presentations from the project. The conference attendees had the opportunity to engage into fruitful discussions and networking with representatives of academia, research community and industry involved in AFLoNext.

Some of the presentations can be downloaded below:

Introduction: Martin Wahlich, AFLoNext coordinator, Airbus Operations GmbH

Contributive talk No 1: Hybrid Laminar Flow Control leading-edge assembly and integration to A320 Vertical Tail Plane by Alexander Büscher, Technical Skill Leader Aeroacoustics at Airbus Operations GmbH

Contributive talk No 2: Hybrid Laminar Flow Control – Flight Test: preparation, testing & first results by Heiko von Geyr, Head of branch Transport Aircraft at German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Contributive talk No 3: Design studies for a Hybrid Laminar Flow Control wing demonstrator by David Sawyers, Low Drag Aircraft Component Aerodynamics Wing Lead Engineer at Airbus Operations Limited

Contributive talk No 4: Design of Hybrid Laminar Flow Control skin panel & wing demonstrator by Stéphane Debaisieux, Head of design at SONACA

Contributive talk No 5: Manufacture and testing of Hybrid Laminar Flow Control wing demonstrator by Ionut Brinza, Design Engineer at INCAS - Romanian National Institute for Aerospace Research

Contributive talk No 6: Towards the industrial application of Active Flow Control at the pylon/wing junction of civil aircraft by Michael Meyer, Head of Aircraft Aerodynamics Germany at Airbus Operations GmbH

Contributive talk No 7: Development of an A320 NLG door by Pierre Severin, Engineering Team Leader at COEXPAIR

Contributive talk No 8: Overview of AFLoNext flight testing on landing gear doors using vibration mitigation devices by Ramon Abarca, Loads Specialist at Airbus Operations SL and Jan Schwochow, Aeroelastic Compliance Verification Engineer at German Aerospace Center (DLR)

Contributive talk No 9: Integration of landing gear noise reduction devices, the challenge of moving from wind tunnel to flight demonstrator by Quantin Bouvy, Research and Technology Product Engineer at Safran Landing Systems

Contributive talk No 10: Noise control on flap side edge by Johann Reichenberger, Expert in Applied Aeroacoustics at Airbus Defence and Space GmbH

Contributive talk No 11: Development of a 3D printed noise attenuating flap side edge by Remco Gijseman, Design Engineer at Fokker Aerostructures BV

Contributive talk No 12: Active Buffet Flow Control on Wing Trailing Edge by Jochen Wild, Senior Researcher in Aerodynamics at German Aerospace Center (DLR)

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